Zero, Zip, Nada, Nothing

     That’s what my dad would say when he didn’t get anything done at work. I am afraid I could say the same for this week. I had a project up on my design wall and I made 16 blocks for it and then ten more. I played with it. I moved it around. I slept on the idea. I put some of it together. That was kind of delusional. Desperate. Then I cut it up more after I sewed some of the blocks together. I just didn’t like it.It was a disaster. And it was big. A big ugly disaster and I am even showing it to you. Oh well…my husband said-I guess that’s the good part of being an aspiring artist- you can start over again. Well, I guess so but I was pretty frustrated. I feel like at this point there should be some predictibilty in what I want to do…Ha-ha. Maybe I could go to work as  fabric cutter or ironing lady. It could be my new profession. It is a very humbling process. I am not using this- I hated the blue and green line through it which I didn’t strip piece but cut each piece individually. Not even smart. I will salvage some pieces-for what-just to make myself feel better?  Oh well.

     My natural dyeing attempt was kind of a bust, too. But that was absolutely my fault. Always read the directions first! It’s in the washer and I will show it to you next post so you can see and avoid my mistakes. I loved the frozen flower petals I did earlier- a warm butter yellow. Yum.

     I went to our West Michigan Fiber Arts group on Monday night and our talented Gail Myrrhorodosky gave a great presentaion on the process of creating one of her pieces. Lots of yarn and fibers stitched down with tulle, solvy and aquamagic. That was a privilege.
     So 20+ hours later, I am back to work. Today I will use a pattern for a very pink baby quilt. Safe, isn’t it?  And I am ok with it.

    Or maybe I should just tackle some works in process. Or carve a pumpkin with the kids.

     I love this. Intrigued by white. Must focus though.

Be creative, my friends. For me. I am not this week.

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