Friday Wrap Up

     I spent lots of time this week machine quilting. If I wait until I am finished with it to blog again, it might the year 2013! I feel like a turtle and keep thinking there has to be a quicker way to achieve dense quilting. (Ahh-yes, there is another unmet goal of learning to free motion quilt. I have promised myself to work on it this summer.)

Clamping and folding in the indigo pot. Nice to be able to come back to it and know how to “revive” it and work on new pieces.

 Taking inventory and setting up the dye studio. Fabric has been ordered to dye but way too cold here yet!

Some indigo photos. I love how when you take it out of the dyepot, it is this deep blue green color. And then with air contact , it oxidizes right before your eyes.  I really love watching it happen.

 The little moons need a special piece. Maybe some hand stitching. Linen accepts the dye so beautifully.
 I had bought a bolt of it years ago when a shop went out of business and sadly this is the last piece I had.
Does anyone have a source for ordering linen for purposes of dyeing?

5 thoughts on “Friday Wrap Up

  1. JacksonFabricArts


    would you like a sample of hemp linen? I use it all the time for dyeing. It takes fiber reactive dyes beautifully. Haven’t tried indigo yet, but hemp cloth was used extensively in Japan with natural dyes. Email me your address and I’ll send you some to try.

    Best, Sarah Jackson

  2. mad elena

    I have similar intentions about free motion quilting. Toward that end, I’m also going to Sandy Ciolino’s workshop this October at the Crow Barn. If I didn’t have to pick out bad stitches, fmq may be faster!
    Love what you’re doing with indigo.


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