Head Down

My head hasn’t looked up for the past few weeks. I have been focused on completing machine quilting on lots of old projects and re-purposing some of my workshop withdrawal pieces into Christmas gifts. I haven’t made gifts in a few years after I made myself crazy staying up all night on Christmas Eve to finish them….and here I am again but really enjoying this insanity. I also have vowed not to carry over some of my old to-do list into 2014. So here’s how I am doing:

1. My first item on my procrastination list  was to re-label some of my pieces. I noticed how tacky some of my older labels looked when I went to the gallery to drop off my work a few weeks ago.  I used some very expensive Printed Treasures paper to print out these labels. These were incredibly stiff to sew through and I would have given up on this whole re-labeling process but the idea of wasting printer ink was just not something I was willing to do. I finished all of them and all my quilts have labels now!

2. Then, I got to work re-purposing. I ended up with 3 baby quilts for the neonatal unit at our local hospital and 1 baby quilt and baby doll for our guild’s Christmas charity event. I was in such a rush that I only took the silly doll quilt picture.



3. I unsewed and started again a gift for friend who is ill. It is finished except for the binding.  Woohoo but I can’t show you yet until I gift it.



4.  And last, but , not least, Christmas gifts. One binding needed on my brother’s quilt (he requested very simple)  and the other quilt not yet started.


All the time I am machine quilting, I am staring longingly at my design walls which are covered with ideas. But, I know if I buckle down and finish procrastination items on my agenda and make a few gifts out of my post workshop slump, I will feel great.

Focus needed.

4 thoughts on “Head Down

  1. Maria Shell

    I feel like we are working side by side! I too am trying to cross a bunch of things off my list so that I can hunker down on some REAL work. Oven mitts and chemo blankets are worthy endeavors that need to be done. All the work we do to get to the other work we do…..

    1. Colleen Kole Post author

      Parallel lives-my goal is to be done in a week with all of this stuff I have clogged up my studio with. That may be optimistic though. 🙂

  2. Barb

    Sorry I missed this post until now. I’m guessing that you got everything done! It’s fun for me to think about you and Maria working your little hearts out in tandem. I did a bunch of crafting and once done got some oven mitts made. Now I’m piecing together bits from years gone by, recombining. Sew on, neighbour!

    1. Colleen Kole Post author

      Yes I have just returned to the land of making after the holidays. We will see how much progress we make in the next year!


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