Out in the World

I am very excited to announce that my work can now be seen at the Button Petter Gallery in Douglas, Michigan. I visited with them last week Friday and they accepted six of my pieces .  I actually believed it when I saw a few of them hanging yesterday and my name on their website.

From now on, I will put sleeves and labels on all my work so I don’t have a week of chaos in order to prepare for this! Last week was spent prepping all my work and cutting rods. This week is back to work machine quilting. I may have a month’s worth of work in front of me after that last little bit of workshop withdrawal.


8 thoughts on “Out in the World

  1. Connie Carrington

    Congratulations on having your work hanging in a bonafide gallery! The works shown on their website are outstanding; you are in good company. Nothing like having work needed for exhibition to push us out of the post workshop slump.

    1. Maria Shell

      This is fabulous and well-deserved. They have a beautiful website, and your work looks amazing.

      I totally know what you mean about the hanging sleeves. I never figure that time in, and it always bites me in the you know what.

    2. Colleen Kole Post author

      Thanks Kathleen. I have a new goal of completely finishing the piece. Ha-I’ll see how long that lasts.


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