If I Had My Own Store

     If I had my own store, I would have one that looked exactly like a new store I visited this weekend in Burlington called Nido.  It was in a beautiful  second floor setting  of an old building with exposed brick walls in the heart of Burlington city.

    The brick walls set off the crisp racks of fabric and this was one of a kind fabric from Ink and Spindle, Japanese fabrics , Denise Schmydt fabrics , fabric packs and , of course, cotton solids. Despite being in an old building, it was light, bright and airy.  Everything was displayed so nicely. Too bad I spent most of my money at the Vermont Quilt Festival because I could have spent a lot on the cotton voiles  and yarns from local Vermont artists. Beautiful yarns.

     A few solid wooden tables were off to the right for classes and it was all part of the same space as the shop. What a great way for newcomers to catch the excitement of a class.

     Best of all,  no sewing machine sales. I loved that  the owner ( I think) wasn’t thinking about what machine she might like me to buy.  Just what I came in there for.  Fabric or yarn.

   If you are ever in the area, stop and see Nido. Otherwise , check them out on their website. They were eager to please and often, you just don’t find that anymore!

    Be creative, my friends! As I stitch away, I am daydreaming of what I would want if I had my own store….and not the hours I would have to work to keep it going. 



One thought on “If I Had My Own Store

  1. Kim Hambric

    I often think the same way — I would love to create a store, just not work in it 70 hours or more each week.

    I love a shop, but not necessarily shopping itself. A store, beautifully curated is art in itself.


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