If You Have Known Me Long Enough….

        ………..it’s not hard to believe this story. After a very busy day unrelated to any kind of sewing, I finally sat down to fix my piece from yesterday. I had three different pieces sewn on to the bottom of the quilt and after much fussing and picture taking, I decided on the simplest one and was very happy to just have to press it up. I even had grand delusions about basting it and being ready to actually quilt this tonight. Well, I needed to go pick up my son from school and left it on the ironing board to press it up.

     I went to press it when I had a few minutes before dinner. This is what my quilt looked like prior to me leaving for school.

And this is what it looked like after the dog ate the corner of it off.

And there is no more of this hand-dyed purple left. She eats things when she has a sick stomach to make herself sick. And I guess the quilt was the next best thing when I was gone.

 No wonder she wouldn’t look at me. Some things are more amazing than others in my life….Guess I will have to find out another solution to the borders on the quilt.

Hope you have fun sewing.

4 thoughts on “If You Have Known Me Long Enough….

  1. Anonymous

    How about a little red on that corner? It would let the red in the center escape out of the border.
    -Connie in AL


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