It must be used

    I continue to work on my project for the art exhibit coming up. I am enjoying the process. The artist’s statement definitely is the hardest part for me. I do have the rough draft done and will take one more look before I send it in.

     I also finished dyeing the rest of the floss. Since I had extra dye left over, I added some fabric in plastic bags. Not great results but not bad for the blues.

     The reds just were really washed out. Now, in all fairness, I used less dye for this than I  would normally. (1TB for 200ml water) But no matter  what I do to reds I always seem turn out coral or orangey. This time it was Fire Engine Red from Dharma. Anyone have a good red they can recommend? It seems to be elusive to find a good one. Not fuschia, not orange red but like a china red. Sometimes I stumble onto it but it’s always by some accident I can’t replicate.

It made a nice group though once I put it all together.

And now you can smile at me -because none of this is on my list.

Happy sewing, my friends!

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