Jumping All the Way In

      I can’t believe I haven’t posted in such a long time. A nasty cold which turned into a sinus infection wiped me out.  And  a reaction to an antibiotic.  And the rest of the time , I have disappeared into my studio.  In my studio, hours fly by and I look up and can’t believe it’s time to go pick up the kids at 3. I am working very hard and really feel driven to get everything I can from my workshop.  My days have flown by and I truly have jumped all the way into this online workshop given by Lisa Call.

     Reading, journaling, thinking again before I touch the fabric. Learning how to give myself parameters for a piece and then critique it so the next one can be different and improved. And figuring out how I work and where I waste time and procrastinate. I am almost done with the Space and Repetition assignment due February 5th and I want to re-work the one ( Color and Value) from last week.

     I just selfishly want to keep them to myself for now.  I feel self-conscious showing them to you. I haven’t figured out why yet. I guess when I am ready you will see them. Right now, I feel as if I am working very hard and have yet to be overly impressed with my outcome.   Don’t get me wrong- I am very,very excited about this whole class process and what I am learning. There is always so much to learn. But this is truly a great experience and I  have jumped all the way in.


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