Last Week: Japanese Stitching

     Last week, I  squeezed in a workshop from our local West Michigan Quilter’s Guild titled “Sashiko : A Good Fortune Wallhanging”. The workshop was given by Sheila De Rose  who specializes in Japanese quilting  and Japanese design.  There were only four crazy people taking a class the week of Thanksgiving so we received  lots of extra attention. Sheila has traveled to Japan and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of fabrics, patterns and needlework of Japan.

      She brought in her fabric boards and I loved the shibori and the actual sashiko fabrics. I had thought sashiko was just the blue needlework stitch on white but there is actual sashiko fabric.

Sheila with one of her fabric boards
Shibori board

Sheila DeRose quilt shown during lecture
Sheila Derose Sampler

Sheila has a new book being published called “The Art of Elegance” coming out soon. She did an excellent job at the night lecture of explaining the Japanese use of color and design principles. I really enjoyed it.

The start of my wallhanging and, yes, I did measure and try to match seams! I can still do it if I need to. The piece will have sashiko stitched centers over a star pattern. Now I have two wintertime hand stitching projects to do. Why was I interested in this class? Long ago, I started a fabric collection of Japanese quilting fabrics and just never knew what to do with them but truly wanted to use them authentically. Now, I know how.

But time to get to work this morning on the Christmas presents. Anyone else making presents?

Be creative, my friends!

One thought on “Last Week: Japanese Stitching

  1. lcroswell

    Yep. Me. A little cosmetic pouch for my new DIL and two advent calendars, one of which made it to its destination in MD days ago and the other, mailed a week before Thanksgiving is still not in Hawaii. Bummer!
    Then there are the other things like overalls for Nathaniel and 2 busy books. I don’t think there’s any hope for the books to get done.
    Of course I’ve been distracted by a fussy cutting lecture at our guild and the pattern and fabric I bought there to make ornaments. A friend thought they’d make great gift tags and do double duty. And yes I had to figure it out and set a play date. You’re not the only nut case you know.


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