Loose Ends

     I always hate the last day of vacation. I start to orient myself back to a list of what needs to be done before I leave. But I saved today to keep sewing. The weather has been relatively mild for Februrary in VT-and not much snow on the ground. I took about a two hour walk in the woods with my neighbor and her three dogs. One was a pup of four months and it was his first walk. I don’t know who had more fun-me watching him or him just running and then flopping when he was tired. Too bad I forgot my camera but my friend is hard enough to keep up with!

Lots of different things which are on my list today:

Working on beading-very pretty
Working on black and white -ugh
Missing the right color but have the right idea
Loving the beauty of the mountains and my scattered thoughts today!
Happy Sewing, my friends! Probably back on Friday as we travel home tomorrow.

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