My Favorite Tools

     I seem to be having a hard time getting consistent studio time in this past week. Just took my daughter back to college so maybe I’ll be able to settle in this week yet.

    As I was cleaning up yesterday, I noticed a few things around my studio that I couldn’t part with-not that I couldn’t part with but that I would miss if it was misplaced or lost. They just make me happy to work with. The first is my felted bowl. It is so soft and keeps all my thread and bobbins contained.

      I reach for it in the exact same place on my sewing desk and if it’s not there when I reach for something, I have to re-arrange so it’s right. I know you know what I mean. Don’t you have something like that in your workspace?

     The second is my antique caddy. It’s full of canning jars and everything there has it’s space too-straight pins, safety pins, pin cushion and major catch-all space. Believe me when I say that I am not neat when I sew. Organized, yes but neat, no. Which is why I was cleaning up last night!

    And my last treasures are my thimbles-each beautiful in their own way.

     They are all low tech items. Old and some even antique, I suppose. But treasured. And with all the mess and all the stuff, this is what I needed in the end to get me started today!

Happy Sewing, my friends.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Tools

  1. paula

    love felt. LOVE IT. i got a felt box on etsy last year and i never put anything in it because i dont want to ruin it!
    and its nice to know people actually covet their work utensil holders…i use coffee cans, old yogurt and sour cream containers, but ugly buckets…nothing cherished in my studio.
    ps word verification…blech…use it if you get more than one spam comment every few months but otherwise…:(

  2. Anonymous

    I love the felt bowl! Did you make that? I’m also curious what you have all the bobbins sitting in inside the bowl – is that specially designed for that purpose or a lucky discovery? I SO need to get my stuff organized! I did have it organized last year, then ended up giving away my desk & hutch for my husband to use in his office as that was a bit more critical. ugh!
    – Sharon


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