My New Big Blue

     I took some of my birthday money and bought myself a present. I have a small addiction to these great pieces from Paula McCullough at PaulaArt.  This one came and it was even better than I thought it would be. A beautiful bright blue and the marks on it were really special.  It even had a dent   -all scritchy, scratchy and scraped where the dent was. I just loved it and want to get some flowers for it next. Go check her out with her three different etsy shops.  I have never been disappointed in what I have received!

Blue Vase#8
Paula McCullough

     I refuse to count how many I have. I just enjoy them and when you turn 50 you can get whatever you want for your birthday. 🙂

     I am working but just not on something I can show you yet.  Also, recuperating from the end of year school stuff and trying to process things. Trying to weed out what techniques I want to work on and incorporate into some pieces and what I want to let go of -for now. It’s summer, after all.

     Be creative, my friends!


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