Re-Visiting The Masters: Michael James

I grabbed a few older books from my bookshelf for a 22 hour car ride and ended up reading Michael James: Art and Inspiration  from cover to cover.  And then I went back and re-read certain sections of it.


Art and Inspirations: Michael James

Art and Inspirations: Michael James

Michael James: Art and Inspirations was published in 1998 by C & T Publishing. It is retrospective of Michael James’ career as well as the quilts that were representative of his new direction at that time period.

Some great quotes from the book:

” I started out believing that there was enough inherent dignity and value in the medium, in its   history and its methods, to justify a dedicated and continued involvement. ”

“There are limitless possibilities, so no one can tell someone else which route is best. Every quilter has to map her or his own direction. ”

“…and you have to be loyal to the inner voice that is the best guide you’re likely to have. ”


Michael James: Art and Inspiration

Michael James: Art and Inspiration

There is an absolutely wonderful interview in the back of the book by Patricia Malarcher where he discusses artistic influences on his career and his definition of craft versus art. HIs very confident artistic voice is evident in all the questions and there are many beautiful pictures of his quilts.

I finished the book and wanted to know more and hear more from Michael James.  You might be able to find this book at your local library or on Amazon. 

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