Sources of Inspiration and Scavenger Hunting

     I have been putting in lots of hours of machine quilting hoping to have a piece ready for a quilt show deadline. But in my quest to make it better than my usual machine quilting, I missed the deadline. I am ok with that-for now.  I will save this piece for my quilt guild show. I am also trying to do a little closer spacing than I  would normally do. Just working on those 2010 goals I  set for myself. My eyes are tired and I know after this week I need a new pair of glasses.

         After a long afternoon of driving and car problems yesterday, I just needed a little more than usual of filling up the inspiration tank. So, in case you might need a little more, here’s to some wonderful bloggers and artists.

1. Be*mused–  She has been blogging for 5 years! I am in awe of that. My current goal is just to make it to post 100.  There are some nice pictures of the Tokyo Quilt Show here. What a treat it would be to go there. A dream actually.

2.Scoutie Girl-This is a huge resource for anything handmade featuring new designers.

3.dottie angel– just too much fun and I love the puppy post. Go back a few days to see how cute he is. How creative is this. The banner is what I would like to perfect!

4.-Subversive stitch Lots of good info

5. Sharon Schamber’s network– click on free stuff within her network and if you are new to this you will learn soem good stuff. I also appreciate her basting method and might try it next time. Great tutorial on how to make your own ironing surface.

Ok now go have some fun and be inspired.  If I finish my piece this weekend, I owe you a post!

Happy sewing, my friends!

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