The Art of Patience/Scavenger Hunt

     As a Physical Therapist for 25 some years, I always considered myself a patient person. Loved taking time with people and cheering them on as they healed. As a mom of nineteen years, I am fairly patient. But, I am only a teensie bit patient with my foot healing. I had grand ideas of doing all this hand sewing. But that is proving to be difficult if you need to have the foot above the level of the heart for forty eight hours. Hard to sew on your back! I can knit on my back though and am working on a hat. One more day of foot elevation and three more days of no driving. No crutches though.

     I have  found some really fun stuff for you to browse through. Another scavenger hunt:

1.  General fun:
   The month of April is quilting month at Sew Mama Sew. Go to the blog and there is a new post each day with  fun tutorials and giveaways. If you are new to sewing quilts, this is a great month to follow this blog.

2 Thermofax Screen Printing:
   If you have ever wanted to try thermofax screen printing, there is a giveaway on this blog.  Lynn Krawczyk does some really interesting things and I have recently started reading her blog. A good review of paints used  for screen printing this past week.

3. Hand Carved Stamps and Water Painting:
   Amazing Vimeo tutorials on making a hand carved stamp at Geninne’s Art Blog.( I love her banner. ) If you scrool down on the right, you can pick up this tutorial. She is very talented as well. She is also a self-taught watercolorist. You can see a Vimeo of her at work painting as well. Good stuff.

4. Dye resists
Terri Jarrod Dimond uses a flour paste resist with dye on her fabric. Great results and another nice tutorial.

I could keep going but this should be a good start on some inspiration for you.

Happy Sewing, my friends! Make some art for me. Let me know if you find anything interesting.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Patience/Scavenger Hunt

  1. Anonymous

    Hope you are feeling better! I’ve been there, foot surgery recovery takes a while. I’m also wondering how your sweet doggie is feeling, after lunching on your cute quilt? Will be interested to see how you change the quilt, or if you do. Sometimes these things turn into happy accidents!

  2. Colleen Kole

    Thanks-my dog is sweet and I didn’t even yell at her. She’s ok.

    I will post as soon as I have quilted my piece. I think I have found a solution!

    I am realizing this may take a bit longer than I thought.


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