The True Beginning of Summer

     I arrived in our second home in Vermont on late Wednesday night. Early Thursday morning, I got up early and drove to Essex Junction for the Vermont Quilt Festival. I had signed up for two small workshops the first two days and arrived to find I didn’t have the right supplies-the  festival catalog had misprinted a few of the classes. The class I thought was Thursday was actually Friday. So I scrambled and went on a quick shopping and borrowing spree from my classmates….and rallied. I settled in to a day long workshop with Sonya Barrington on small works of silk. More on that and the other class in the next post. I promise.

     Overall, the Vermont Quilt festival was very busy and very well attended. I think it was the busiest I have ever seen it and the rainy day probably helped. I thought in all my years of attending, the show itself was very good. Primarily, it has had an abundance of traditional quilts but this year, there really was a nice variety. Also, there was a  special exhibit of Vermont art quilters- one of whom I had met at the Barn this last time with two of her pieces finished-Marilyn Gillis. The other artists that I can remember: Karen Kamensky, Judith Reilly, Pamela Druhen and Noah  (he was only fourteen and I was so proud of this kid and I am not his mom!). Very, very nice to see them all.

     I was really excited to have won with this piece -1st place in Wall quilts and Best Contemporary Quilt. I never expected it and really my goal was to be brave  enough to enter shows. Now, I must get back to making quilts, right?

    I am being kicked out of the local coffee shop right now-sorry, I wanted to upload more photos for you. A coffee shop that closes at 5…mmm…back in Vermont. That’s ok. More later on the Quilt Festival.

    Be creative, my friends. The beginning of summer- I love it. What are you working on?

6 thoughts on “The True Beginning of Summer

  1. Gail Baar


    I thought I had put a comment here, but I don’t see it! Of course I am proud of you! That quilt is great. Now you can go forward with confidence.

  2. Robbie

    Congrats on your wonderful win!! You’ll have to post more on this piece unless I miss your working on it before!! Again, congrats!

  3. Anonymous

    Way to go! Congratulations!!! We told you your quilts were awesome and totally worthy of showing! So proud of you!!!
    – Sharon


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