What To Do?

     I have totally avoided blogging because of my last month’s schedule. Or is that the reason?

     I get so confused by what I read.

Blogs : Blogs are dead.  No- you need a blog to link to your website and to FB.  If you do write a blog, be authentic. Be professional and not personal. How are you supposed to be authentic if you aren’t personal in some way?  If you use images, use a watermark. Don’t use a watermark as it’s too distracting.

Facebook: Use it and have a separate page for your art/business. Oh great-now there are 2 pages to manage and  remember -don’t say anything personal on the business FB page. Which would mean 2 sets of photos for each page to manage somewhere. Where is that somewhere as now Flickr is all cluttered up. Is that a private photo managing site for what users -FB users or blog visitors? Link your blog to FB. The blog that is not supposed to be too personal but authentic. And do you mark your images not pinnable? Or do you let them spin out into the universe unprotected? or do you even care?

Instagram- Do this too as it’s instant sharing of what you do in the instant. ( How is that not personal?) Pretty pictures though but those that use it always seem to have their smart phones in their hands at work-hello will you talk to me and not be obsessed about your photos? every instant?

Tweet: I really have no idea nor desire to find out about it.

Website: I know. I need one but absolutely procrastinate about this. How do I link my blog to it after I make one? Will it look cheesy if I do it myself or do I need to have help? How about my photos of my artwork? Should I reshoot my work? Have someone else do it?

Wow, I guess I didn’t realize I was that conflicted or confused. I do know that I miss blogging and feel more connected with the few I have met over the years blogging. And that is my simple reason for continuing. I will update my blog this summer. That’s the only answer I have for now.  How is that for small steps?

I have arrived in Vermont and art moves onward.

One thought on “What To Do?

  1. Heather P

    I rather enjoy blogging, although I seem to do it in spurts. I’ve been making a conscious effort to write more regularly. And I have a website, which I did myself. Very bare bones, but I don’t think it looks too amateurish. And it has led to the sale of several quilts. It is very easy to set up links to your blog and your Facebook page from your website.

    I use Facebook primarily to keep in touch with family and old friends. I hardly ever post. I have several quit artist friends who have set up a second “art” page, and they say it is very beneficial, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

    Instagram and Twitter don’t interest me. I don’t feel the urge to stay that connected.

    Have fun in Vermont! It’s hot in Texas, wish I was up north!


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