I have visions on a regular basis lately. I see this big stainless steel container-kind of like a big marble although giant. And inside of it , I have stuffed all four of my current machines. Yes , I said four. The unworking ones. The ones that have just returned from two different repair shops. And then there is explosive material in there. I will light a match and inside they will all explode. Never to be seen again. Melted. Pulverized. Gone. Poof. Never to torture me again. And I would breathe a big sigh of relief because they would be gone.

     And that is how my first day back from vacation is going. Dropping off machines again. The dealers agree I seem to be having lots of machine issues.

    Oh boy. I guess I have to clean. So sad.

7 thoughts on “Again

  1. mad elena

    Listen to your vision. Don’t spend your time fighting with your machines anymore. Get one that works WITH you. Imagine if that energy gets channelled toward your creativity!

  2. Gail Baar

    I agree! You are being much too patient Colleen-this should not be happening and someone should fix the situation. The machines should not be constantly broken!


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