Always looking for a challenge

     I always get distracted when I visit blogs. There is so much fun information out there and sometimes it’s just hard to choose -whether to read or work. But I have found that I enjoying reading at night when my eyes are too tired to sew and my chores are done. Then I don’t feel guilty and can enjoy the information and just catch up-just be inspired.

     I have felt guilty sewing lately. I love serving with my hands but haven’t truly helped -sure regular mom things at school and at home-but not the kind of volunteering where you know something is absolutely needed-not just wanted. Ok I am rambling but I think you know what I mean. So…since it is the month to be grateful , I decided I would jump in to two donations. One I read about last night and since it directly benefits homeless kids in my city, I can’t say no. I read about it on a blog called http:/ They will refer you to Project Hope. (I wish I could have made sock monkey). I am going to do a very basic quilt for a little boy. At the same time I will whip up a doll quilt for our WMQG ‘s annual Christmas event-provide a doll and blanket for a needy child. I just feel the need to help someone else! Join in with me if you want. You can do it. 

     I also joined in on the following: finishing my UFOs. I have eight unfinished quilt tops. I said it to you and will keep you posted on my progress. But I neglected to add these two donations so technically ten. Another link for you to join in with me if you’d like:Tallgrass Prairie Studio: Joy In The New Year. I have committed to finishing them in hopes of starting out the year fresh and uncluttered with tops. Again, join in if you like and let me know too. I’ll check up on you.

   Ok, I have finished a wee little thing- 5×9.  I love the hand-dyed butter yellow. It has traveled in my purse and was worked on during my waiting times. I like the edge-it added lots of texture to this little piece.  Happy Sewing my friends.

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