Artprize Recap # 2/ Fiber Related

 I was lucky enough to sneak in to some of the very busy venues in the first few days of Artprize. I was anxious to see this piece by the lovely Lynn Krawczyk. Lynn had a prime spot at the BOB and I am sure many, many people were able to see it. It fit this spot between two windows on this brick wall perfectly.

“Remnants Collage #17, Lynn Krawczyk

“Remnants Collage #17, Lynn Krawczyk
Details on “Remnants 17”, Lynn Krawcyzk

Nice piece Lynn and I loved being able to see your work up close and personal.  The texture is really superb!  Next to her piece  on the other side of the window was a nice compliment of acrylic on wood.

“Tidal Waves “, Steve Pleva

Back to fiber….

Circles  4 12, Ellen Stuckey

I took a class with Ellen a few years ago.  Nice to see her piece here again.

 The next exhibit was at the GRAM. I could have looked for a long time at all the embroidery.  It is titled – Along the Lekksenne by Eames Demetrios.

So much to see in so little time. One more post left to wrap things up.

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