Colorplay #4 : Too Much Orange

     I always love what I see after I complete a piece and look at it through the camera lens and on my computer screen. With this one, I see two things: 1. The light purple line on the top left is way too distracting for me and doesn’t seem to fit. 2. I really do not like the teal green combo but wanted to try it. On a positive note, I was bold and tried the orange thread. I can see my machine quilting is slowly improving with tightly spaced quilting lines.

Colorplay #4
16 x 25

     I am trying to do a better record keeping job in hard copy and in my journal. Maybe it will give me a better perspective when I can look back and see things in one place.

     I seem to have lost another day with blogger issues. I know tomorrow is unlikely for a post but hope to post during my week away. I  have no idea how I will be ready to go by Sunday morning at 8am. And then my father-in-law is having open heart surgery on Monday so I am leaving Marc with a real mess.  I feel badly leaving but he says -go. Is everyone’s life this crazy? Maybe.

     Being creative definitely keeps me sane. Try it, my friends!

3 thoughts on “Colorplay #4 : Too Much Orange

  1. mad elena

    A confluence of issues and activity before a trip is the norm. It’s a conspiracy! Thank goodness for creativity.
    “Art is the guarantee of sanity” – Louise Bourgois
    Have a safe trip. See you soon.

  2. Elizabeth B

    Love the quilt and the orange thread. It’s definitely not too much orange:) Hope you have a safe trip and a blast at the Barn despite the many obligations awaiting at home!


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