It’s Wednesday Already

      I have been playing in the sunshine. Finally beautiful weather with no coat on and my piggies in the flipflops. I can breathe again. No turning back now.

Snippets from my week so far:

    1. I have been watching a robin’s nest the past few weeks. Each spring a nest is built on this wreath I have on my side door. The kids love to watch the babies grow. They are peeking out and mom is way too busy feeding them.

getting bigger 
I know someone is watching me 
Is it ok to jump yet?

     And today I startled them by snapping a picture and off they flew. Made my day to see that happen.

      2. Loving polka dots. I see these clamped and discharged-itajame with circles.

     3. Persevering with machine quilting a small piece. Until I put the binding on wrong last night when it was way too late to be sewing. I hope to finish it tonight.

     4. Getting excited to go next week and just itching to start dyeing. I did a little pole wrapping  and dyeing  on this silk scarf. Not exactly what I wanted but still turned out well enough to wear it. I still can’t get consistent dye take up with the silk and will try a larger diameter pole later.

       5. Getting excited for my class next week. Leave on Sunday and am accumulating my supplies.

Yes, it is definitely Wednesday already. I thought I didn’t have much to tell you and here I am writing away yet! 🙂

Be creative, my friends!

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