Evolution of a Piece

    It was a slow moving process with this piece. It began as a small little idea and  a small portion of this design was pinned on my wall for many months.  I kept taking it down and putting it back up again and it was assuming this grandiose design idea in my head. It was taking up too much space on my wall and in my head. SO, I gave myself two weeks in January to get it done as I was very sick of this great visionary piece. Haha.

     This was not your typical strip piecing. I cut each piece separately after I sewed each seam which became very time-consuming. But I really wanted to work on my line work.

Rooflines # 8 under construction

Slow progress…
Machine quilting finally

©Colleen Kole 2013, Rooflines # 8, 45x 35

What a good word: finished. This piece didn’t turn out like I envisioned ( maybe over thought it too much )  but there is always the next piece. And no longer than two weeks per piece seems like a really good idea!

4 thoughts on “Evolution of a Piece

  1. Gail Baar

    I see you have a plan tacked up on the wall! This one is great Colleen. It really has a lot of detail. I like the was you put the red in places to draw the eye to the rooflines. You have a lot of good ideas for this series-can’t wait to see more!

  2. Nina Marie

    ohhh I love to see your process – I’m going to be working on more abstract quilts coming up and its great seeing yours. Off the Wall Friday is open if you would like to link up and join us!


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