A Winter’s Walk

     We made it here before the big storm last week. We only received about 14 inches here in Vermont but the wind kept us inside Friday and Saturday. On Sunday I was rewarded by bright sunshine. And it didn’t take me long to strap on my snowshoes and take a two hour hike in the woods.

When I made it up the meadow and into the woods, I was amazed that no one had walked  or skied on the paths yet. I walk along the cross country ski trails and in the nine years I have been walking on the paths, that has never happened before.

It was a breath-taking day in the woods. And then back to the house to play with some free motion quilting on this piece. I didn’t choose wisely with thread color but  the quilting was a little easier and even felt relaxing. So many things to learn.

3 thoughts on “A Winter’s Walk

  1. Jennifer

    Stunning shots! Especially that last one of your quilt.

    I was checking my blog stats this morning and realized that your blog had been sending people my way. Just wanted to stop by and say Thank You! for including me on your blog list.

    Enjoy! Jennifer


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