Friday Finds

     I spent a little time at the carwash this week. Cleaning up the Yukon. But a little time turned into a lot of time when the battery died -in the carwash. 🙂 Seriously and I did laugh while some nice car washers jumped my battery. In the carwash. A week of fixing things.  It really has been a year of fixing things so far. New car has been obtained and I am very happy about that. ( The dogs do not like the new car. I feel a little guilty about that. Soon the new car smell will be gone and they will be at home again.)

     Doing good on staying focused. I have another small piece basted and have begun quilting it. Nothing to show yet. But I found some really fun things happening in blogland this week.

1. Kathy York has organized an Artist Quilt Village project through May and you can follow along through the artists’ blogs.

2. A few lucky people are at the Barn and posting about their time there- Robin Ferrier and Christine Mauersberger.

3. Lynn Krawcyzk has  another great idea and is offering a thermofax screen of the month club. I just used one of her screens today and was reminded of what quick easy fun printing is using a thermofax screen. She only has a few spots left so go check it out. It is another addicting way to add design to fabric.

4. And for those of you awake yet, yes it is only Thursday. But Friday Finds sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it?

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