Keep Looking For That Road

     I just finished a few more black and white pieces. I just wanted to push myself to use these small pieces to critically take a look at what I did and didn’t like about a quick improvisational design. (And to get ready for a certain class which you inevitably  start with a black and white piece which I dread). I didn’t spend much time on them but, again, they do bring the design sharply into focus.

    But the saving moment  for these little pieces: they just got me moving and wanting to do more. And gave me time to think about what I want to do the next year and bring in to focus what I really don’t want to do. You may wonder why I would want to finish a “study” piece and the answer is-practice and more practice.

Looking For The Road #2
15×19 – 2011

Looking For The Road #3
14×18 -2011

     I just want to add paint to these. But I won’t. I will just let them be black and white. And not be afraid of it when I have to use it in a few weeks.

    But to add to that- that is not to say I may not try more with paint added. Aren’t I fickle?

    Be creative, my friends.

3 thoughts on “Keep Looking For That Road

  1. paula

    i find it hard to know what to say because you are taking classes and doing exercises etc. and i can’t imagine looking ahead and knowing what i do or dont want to do. that is a foreign concept to me!..i may think i wanna do something in my head but i find there is no point in thinking about any of it. i’ll be curious to see what you do (or dont do)
    its refreshing to see different work here, they feel more serious by dint of their lack of color.


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