Making Babies

     Well that woke you up this morning, didn’t it? I went on a road trip with a group of seven other women last night and we got home at one. I am too old for 5 hours of sleep.  I am very punchy on little sleep. Already brought my beasty gas guzzling Yukon in for yet more work this am . Oh why- oh why- didn’t I do a trade-in when I should have? My kids told me not to talk badly about her when I am with her. Funny how attached they are to her, too. Luckily, they did tell me she has much life left yet in her. After these repairs, of course…. She might retire soon to the land of Vermont vacation mobiles. ( I haven’t told her yet though. )

    Oh yes. Back to making babies. I am sitting there as I contemplate every seam I sew on this big guy quilt on my design wall and keep getting stuck. So rather than waste too much time, I pick up the scraps and just sew them together.  And slowly, the solution for the next seam comes along.

leftovers from scraps

Making babies from the scraps. ( about 12 x 20) I wonder how many babies I will have to make to figure out all the seams. Not nearly as exciting as you thought this post would be, is it?

On that very tired note, have a good weekend.

Be creative, my friends!

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