Bear with me until my college daughter comes home this weekend. I am technologically challenged and would love to post a picture in the right location. And get my background the right color. I am also taking a 7 week photography class at a local art college which starts next week. So, I have high hopes for a beautiful and spectacular header, clear pictures and ,of  course, wonderful work.

Well, I admit that actually telling you that I would resolve a piece made me anxious. I felt a responsibility to all three of you out there who might be reading this. Call it an accountability to finish it . I really wanted to throw this piece in the trash about halfway through my day. Tues is one day I try to set aside to work in my studio. And yesterday , 10 hours later, I still wanted to throw this piece in the trash. So, I backed up and tried to think of the very basic goals I had for this: 1. to use this piece within a quilt 2. to make it acceptable to me 3. to tone it down so it wasn’t so chaotic. After a night’s sleep, I kept at it. I did piece the top. I don’t like it but I did achieve my three goals- it is acceptable but I don’t like it. And , that’s ok. So here is Connections # 8 which is 36×47.

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