Working in a series

     I am now working on two different series. I am lucky enough to have two design walls so that makes it easier. The first is called Connections and it is simply strip sets cut apart and re-structured  into new blocks and strip sets. I absolutely love the new colors, lines and shapes that can be created with this process. The possibilities are endless but I need to learn when to stop-as evidenced by yesterday’s chaotic piece. The other series is called Directions which is shapes with lines inserted into the shapes. It is more labor intensive for my easily distractible brain or maybe it just requires more planning. At first, I didn’t think two series at a time was a great idea but I am easily bored. So I can go back and forth between the two series. I am really feeling that one is adding to the other.

 Here is a little piece I finished last week and it is Directions#1 made from a beautiful piece of African fabric and my hand-dyed fabric. I don’t want to show you just my unfinished pieces so here’s one that’s done. I am finding commercial fabric harder and harder to use. I purchased it at IQF in Chicago with  my ultimate fabric shopping buddy Lynne.

Happy sewing today. (I figured out he header picture now just need to make it fit better!)

2 thoughts on “Working in a series

  1. lcroswell

    Look at you with your lovely header photo and your nice profile picture. Good for you! Well done! And I love what you did with the fabric you bought in Chicago.


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