Sneak Peak Day #2

     I am have come to the conclusion early in the week: compositional cloth takes a long time to produce. We were given instruction early in the week that mastery of any technique or process can take 10,000 hours. After my past few years of working hard at home and two days into surface design( yes , you may smile! ),  I absolutely believe that. And after all the layering of these pieces we are doing day after day this week, it may not even turn out. But the amount of knowledge we are learning each day=one semester at any college. Any college. My head is spinning. I didn’t get to try two of the techniques today but hope to catch up tomorrow.

    Today was really cold and rainy which made for awful batching and drying of our fabrics. So now they are wrapped in plastic and being kept warm in an electric blanket.

     Look at that – I am not even working in a grid.  Amazing and kind of freeing.

     Be creative, my friends!  Very excited and very tired….I will be washing fabric in my sleep.

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