I really do admit -or should I say confess, I am crazy. I know that FOCUS was a word I wanted to embrace this year. But , I am realizing that it is not necessarily a lack of focus. I am very focused on this whole thing of wanting to be good at something. Obsessed would be a better word. I think the problem lies in my underestimating the amount of time I have in a given day. And overcommitting. When I say I am going to do something, I do . Even if it kills me.  Well, I have a little confession.  I might have done it now.

    I really, truly promised myself that I wouldn’t overcommit. But, I did. I signed up for two online courses.They just happened to be at the same time. One starts today and the other February 1st.  It truly could have worked  but I had this over the top exciting sale of a quilt.

    And then,  the quilt I am being paid to complete- my machine threw up oil all over the back of the quilt..  I have never had that happen. Maybe it was me being careless.  But then it continued to have problems. It will join other sick machines in the sewing machine hospital. Seems like it happens every time I need to complete  a project with a deadline. I will talk to the dealer about a more reliable machine.  It took me hours to rip out the stitching to get the back off, wash the back and be ready to begin again. Who ever thought that machine quilting could be traumatic? If this kind of thing continues, I will look at long arm machines. Never thought I would say that but…I am reaching the limit with domestic machines that just keep having problems. Oh the new one I bought in the fall-that’s in the shop already, too. I can’t even explain this to people so sorry to confuse you. One dealer told me it was because I sew too much. :). I thought that’s what they made them for, right?

   A little completed project to keep my sanity. I know I owe some friends postcards but since they waited so long they will get little quiltlets.

Morning Winter Sunrise
about 5×9

 Well-I’m off to the sewing machine store. Be creative, my friends!    

5 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. irene

    I’m also worried that I sew too much. Recently had problems with feed dogs not comming up high enough. Even though I do take it appart and clean the machine, there was a big glob of lint jammed in that I didn’t see. My husband doesn’t understand that it just might be possible to wear out a sewing machine. Toes, fingers, eyes all crossed that it doesn’t happen soon.

  2. Gail Baar

    That is a beautiful little quilt, so tranquil! Very unlike the problems you are going through: I can’t believe your machines are giving you so many problems. Hopefully it will get sorted out and things will go smoothly!

  3. Colleen Kole

    Thanks for your support Paula-nothing like tools out of order.

    Irene-I am not sure it is possible to sew too much.:) I hope your machine hangs in there. Winter is the time I get my tops made…

    Gail-Yes I challenged myself to make a quiet quilt. It did make me relaxed to work on this-tranquil is a good word.

  4. Nellie's Needles

    Your quiltlet is marvelous!

    As for your machine … what brand is it? Even my trusty Pfaff 7530 is balking at sewing silk tussah in my present project. I’m crossing my fingers that I get it finished.


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