Erin’s Quilt

     I made a quilt for my daughter this spring in celebration of her high school graduation. She picked out the fabrics and I made the quilt. The fabrics tended to give me a headache after awhile as it was very busy. But now that I see it on her bed at college, it is absolutely her and she loves to snuggle with it when she studies. So that’s all that counts when you give a quilt as a gift: that it is used and appreciated. I do miss her but know she is enjoying the college life. Except for the work. Isn’t that why they are there?

     I have finished one piece this weekend and am working on another for you tomorrow. I have questions about showing you a piece I may submit to a quilt show so must reconcile that before I post. I am just figuring out what is appropriate to post and not. If anyone has any good references for that , let me know. Also, my class starts tomorrow night for photography. We will have a final project due so am really excited.
Knowing I have an audience is really motivating me to complete my work. Thanks for stopping in. Happy sewing my friends.

2 thoughts on “Erin’s Quilt

  1. lcroswell

    I know some people only show a detail shot (or none at all) rather than a picture of the whole quilt they want to submit to a show. That way they comply with the rules and satisfy the need to share. Some shows are picky, some are not. But now you’ve got my curiosity up!

  2. Natasha

    I love the quilt for Erin. I had to chuckle at the irony of the quilt (that’s for your teenaged (for a couple of more years) daughter) giving you a headache.


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