Holiday Artisan Market

     I had the day to myself on Saturday. Marc has traditionally taken the kids on a Saturaday to go shopping for me for a few hours and then he takes the kids to lunch. This year he drove to the little town where my daughter’s college is to have her join in as well. Yes, he is a great guy. So, I  bopped around to a few new places and my goal was to only buy local.

     I was having so much fun and I was successful- a felted snowman for a dear friend, a hand-dyed-silk scarf, some photo notecards from my photography teacher Diane Carroll Burdick and another photo print. Really relaxing and it was so nice to see this venue crowded and people supporting local artists.


     I am trying to give original gifts this year which are made by area artists. I did finish quilting #6 last night and thought I would have a finish for you today but…I ran about 18 inches short on the binding. Hate to keep going and have to take it off if I can’t find the right match! Not exactly how I planned to start the week. You have to wait.
    As a consolation, one of my nighttime photos- fun to learn how to take pictures at night.

     And one more, after Photoshop- I am addicted to it.

      Thanks for all the comments – Look forward to picking the winner on Wed. Happy Sewing, my friends.

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