WW continues and a list

The past two weeks have been used…mmm…in an odd manner. The last ten days I have been kind of manic in my sewing. I went away to a retreat with some members of a bee I belong to. I spent 3 days madly stitching together some gifts and charity quilts and I sewed for probably 12- 14 hours per day again.  The manic sewing continued when I got home. I purchased fabric for backing, fabric for tops,  and I have kept relentlessly sewing.

I put together a quilt top for a friend who is ill.  I didn’t like it so I pieced another. I put together 2 tops for my brothers for Christmas. One  top is done but the other isn’t. I made two charity baby quilt tops. I think that would be a count of five pieced functional quilts.  AND they aren’t really quilts yet because they are only tops at this point. Is it reasonable to think I can finish 5 quilts before Christmas and have time for art???

I really diagnose my self with continued Workshop Withdrawal yet. It is the only excuse I can think of for all this mess I have just created. I have sewn with abandon and made the pile of  unfinished projects HUGE in my studio. The only cure for this mess I have created is a list. I need to re-focus some of my manic energy into a reasonable and FOCUSED list. What needs to be finished first this week and what can wait?

Ugh, I hate it when I do this to myself. I take full responsibility.

And add to that fixing this boring blog. It needs color. It needs photos. A header. You get the picture, don’t you?


4 thoughts on “WW continues and a list

  1. Maria Shell

    Colleen- I feel for you! I call them Procrastination Quilts. They are also palette cleansers. At first it feels so good and relaxing to make a utility quilt, and then it feels like a guilty pleasure, and then it is an addiction! My solution is to create a deadline for myself. This time my deadline is Sunday. I will be done making nonsense and back to work, because I am just as guilty as you are. But during that time, I hope to finish one class sample, one baby quilt, and 70 oven mitts.

  2. Ellen

    I feel your WW pain. No manic sewing for me. Fmq, yes, but quarter-inch seams, no. Instead I’m on the studio cleanup treadmill. My rationalization: I am mentally digesting the workshop and considering my options so I can focus and forge ahead. But really. I just need to stop with the mental gymnastics and create. Sounds like you’re heeding the call and will start any minute.

    1. Colleen Kole Post author

      Alright girls-we must all return to work. I am madly machine quilting to get this post workshop things over with. I am itching to get back to the design wall.


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