My Own Little Art Prize

       Artprize begins today at 6:00 pm . All around town for the past week, we have been hearing about it in the paper and on tv and seeing it come together as signage has been put in place. There was even an article about it in the Wall Street Journal magazine this weekend. Lots of publicity this year so it will be busy!

     I hoped to get a head start today by finding a venue to register at, so I stopped by the Meijer Gardens. The entryway is open to the public for the next two weeks and the tour buses were lined up already. Lots of people trying to catch an early peek. When I arrived, the Artprize computers were down-probably overloaded. But then I noticed that portions of the conservatory were closed and lights dimmed. The power was out following a really nasty storm last night.


 But I still took time to see some of the exhibits. This was one of my favorites-paint cans. Loved the colors. Each piece identifies the artist and name of the work as well as gives you a voting number for it. You either like it or don’t like it-it’s  a viewer’s choice show. You have to show id onsite to be able to vote. I was finally able to register and hope to go to the opening downtown tonight. Lots more pictures coming the next two weeks of my favorites.

     I came home and put my newly dyed fabrics on the line.

     All darks this time and definitely fall colors.

I was disappointed that more of my fabric didn’t arrive today as it’s really warm here. I need to do the mustard and butter yellows yet. I had my own little art prize party hanging them on the line!


Off  to enjoy some art, my friends!

2 thoughts on “My Own Little Art Prize

  1. paula

    wow really sounds like a big big deal.
    have fun. i like looking at all this fabric, exotic and i know you need to iron it, but i’m loving the crinkly look. nice colors!


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